[EFA-CBR] Canberra Chapter Meeting Postponed

Tim Wilson-Brown twilsonb at mac.com
Mon Mar 7 23:39:43 AEDT 2016

> On 7 Mar 2016, at 11:08, Daryl Sheppard <daryl at justanothertech.com> wrote:
> In the meantime, if anyone would like to raise some suggestions for activities the Chapter can undertake, please send them to the list and we can start a discussion.

Here are some things I'm interested in:

Tor Relays

When I start my next job, I'm thinking of running a Tor Relay (or, if I can find a willing ISP, a Tor Exit).
I think it will cost up to $60 per month per relay, and I'd be happy to run more relays if we can find some funding.
(I'm also happy to help others set up their own relays.)

Driverless Vehicles

Alistair Coe recently released an exposure draft of ACT Driverless Vehicle Trial legislation.
(South Australia, Western Australia, and the Federal Department of Transport are also working on autonomous vehicles.)
The privacy implications of the data stored by these vehicles are concerning.
As are the security implications of a recent series of electronic vehicle hacks.

I sent Alistair an email about these issues a month ago, but I haven't received any response yet.
Would anyone be interested in trying to meet with Alistair to talk through these sorts of issues?


Is there anything we can do to work towards the elections (ACT & Federal) later this year?
How can we best support EFA's national campaigns, and those of similar organisations?


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