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Tim Wilson-Brown twilsonb at mac.com
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> On 7 Mar 2016, at 11:08, Daryl Sheppard <daryl at justanothertech.com> wrote:
> When: 6:00 pm Tuesday 15th March
> Where: Smiths Alternative, 76 Alinga Street, Civic
> Based upon feedback received at the first meeting there is some concern as to the location and suitability of date/time. If anyone would like to suggest any alternatives, please send them to the Canberra Chapter mailing list. I will consolidate all responses received and publish a poll to allow all members to vote for the best date/time/location.

(This is a lightly edited copy of the feedback I sent around after the February EFA Canberra chapter meeting.)

Some people I know weren't able to make it to the last EFA Canberra Chapter meeting because:
* they have sport on Tuesdays;
* they had a "Green Drinks" event (Environmental advocacy, some Tuesdays);
* they had a "Make Hack Void" event (Hackerspace / Makerspace, every Tuesday).
Some of these people were at the Canberra Chapter launch, so it's likely they would attend if EFA Canberra Chapter meetings didn't clash with existing events.

In one conversation after the meeting, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday were mentioned as alternative days.

I don't mind Smiths Alternative, but when we met outside in February, some people present found the location noisy - perhaps we can meet inside next time?


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